Castle Breakout: Can You Make The Great Escape?

March 20th, 2015  |  By Marilyn Shi

Castle Breakout is a basic escape game that boasts 10 unique medieval environments. Each level is a different room to be escaped using objects that you collect from your surroundings, such as swords, spears, crowns, and even fruit. A variety of creatures gives the player a more animated way to interact with the environment, while the promise of a grand finale is an exciting way to gear you towards the center room. 


The storyline is simple: after an HD comic book style intro, the player becomes a castle security expert that must navigate through several rooms to get to the center of the castle. The levels require logic and exploration of the surrounding environments, which are incredibly 3D-rendered, lush with detail, and mysterious. The puzzle of each room can be solved in 15 minutes or less, which is optimal time for people who are too busy to work through more convoluted challenges. 





Usually, escape games are driven by fear to get from one room to the next, whether it be the threat of a monster or an incoming apocalypse. In Castle Breakout, that fear is absent. It seems to bode well for the game, however. Though it doesn’t have that traditional driving force of horror and shock value that many other escape games have, its meditative nature is a huge part of this new game app’s unique appeal. 


Castle Breakout launches for free on May 15th, in the iOS App Store and for Google Play. Let us know what you think, here

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