Rebus: An Absurd Game of Logic and Fun

March 20th, 2015  |  By Marilyn Shi

The ever-quirky Jutiful is on its way to releasing Rebus, an insane game featuring an unconventional use for logic. This new app is a game for associations that are sure to engage the user and energize the brain. The majority of the puzzles are images meant to signify a word, concept, or phrase. For example, the answer to a picture of the letter “T” made of water droplets is TRAIN. The letter “M” on top of the word “DAY” is MONDAY. M ON DAY. Get it? 


The fun part is figuring out what the puzzles want from you, as all the images are different and could mean anything. The interface of the app is clean, simple, and minimalist, as it features a dashboard of quizzes presented as sharp, colorful images. The puzzles are frustrating because you know the answers are RIGHT THERE. The answers can allude your understanding for quite some time, which can make the game difficult to look at without getting angry. But each solved Rebus is guaranteed to come with a flash of insight, and perhaps a palm to the forehead, as the “Aha!” moment makes a pleasant snap in your brain.



The graphics are stylish. The puzzles are innovative and fun. They can be played for any length of time, so it all comes down to your determination and ability to think outside the box. 


Rebus will be released in the iOS Store and on Google Play for free on March 26th, 2015. It’s a date that I can’t wait for. Beta test this kooky app, here

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