Polly Verbs: Learn Spoken English Phrase-By-Phrase

March 18th, 2015  |  By Marilyn Shi

Polly Verbs is an innovative new iPhone app that features 125 daily phrases for the user to speak into the microphone. Once spoken, the phrases are dissected for mistakes in accent and grammar by Nuance technology—the same voice recognition software used for Siri. Correct pronunciation is key, and once phrases are practiced over and over, the user is almost guaranteed to never forget them.  


The user can progress through five themes and diverse categories of conversation, so tons of conversational bases are covered. Polly Verbs provides an inventive way of learning the English language, especially for those who know the rules of the language, but can’t nail the accent or the colloquial tone of daily conversation. Phrases go from popular sayings like “Whatever I say, goes,” to simpler ones like “Get up,” “Come over”, and “Take it off”. You also have the option of practicing alone or with friends, in case you need that competitive kick in the butt to get started on your English-learning journey.                         




I find myself being attached to the idea behind this app. As the daughter of two immigrant parents, one cannot help but think of the benefits it could bring to the lives of foreign speakers. As evidence for the success of the app, the app’s developer is documented as having not been understood before. Now, she has a great English accent. Good enough for me.  

Polly Verbs will be available in the iOS App Store for free, starting March 25th, 2015. Beta test it and hone your English skills, here

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