Destroy Alien Invaders In Alien Bang Bang

February 3rd, 2015  |  By Marilyn Shi

Alien Bang Bang is a new app that replicates the standard space shooter game.  The player takes on the role of a brave space pilot and destroys incoming invaders. Weapon upgrades make your ship more powerful, but are matched with more demanding and fast-paced levels as you destroy the enemy and collect more loot.


The graphics are something else—though not necessarily in a good way. The pixel art is meant to be retro and nostalgic, but ends up being disorienting. The outlines of the ships and enemies are a little too fuzzy. The idea of a “Space Shop” for upgrades is enticing, but loses its appeal when the words are choppy and hard to read. I would get dizzy sooner than I would get bored. 




The intuitive tilt controls add a level of modernity to the classic space shooter arcades of the ‘80s, from which Alien Bang Bang drew the inspiration for its gameplay. Two huge pluses are the number of levels and the music. Old school computer jams make the game a real throwback, and with more than 120 levels, the fun never ends. If the developer could spruce up the design of the game, then Alien Bang Bang could be a game to watch out for. 


Alien Bang Bang is available for free download in the iOS App Store and Google Play


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