Adventure Through Azmara, An RPG for Zelda Fans

February 3rd, 2015  |  By Marilyn Shi

 Azmara is an action-adventure role-play game based in dungeons, puzzles, and spells. Not unlike the early series of Pokemon  games, the player navigates an avatar  through mazes and ghostly landscapes full of creatures and enemy bosses. It has layers of complexity beyond the high walls and multi- layered map: strategy and unique weapon combos are required to pass through the many levels. The game also boasts a 3D environment, which makes it stand out from the other RPGs in the mobile app market. 


In my opinion, the 3D environment is a hit-or-miss. Traditional 2D RPGs like Pokemon, Zelda, and Final Fantasy were smash hits without the need for an extra dimension. The release of a 3D game may feel like a forced exposure to the newest revolution of gaming—that is, the compulsion for everything to be in 3D. Many players lament the loss of a substantial storyline and character development in lieu of “better” graphics. Hopefully, Azmara won’t strictly depend on the novelty of 3D to boost its rankings. 



This seems like a game that deserves time and mental investment. This is rare with concern to the new apps of today, which tend to cater to people with short attention spans and an affinity for flashing lights. 


Azmara is expected to launch on July 1, 2015. Get notified when it hits the iOS App Store and Google Play, here

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