Xcite Mountain Bike: Temple Run Without The Running

January 30th, 2015  |  By Marilyn Shi

Get excited for Xcite Mountain Bike, a new game app reminiscent of Temple Run—only better. You get to grab a bike and bust moves for points, all while experiencing the stunning clarity of the game’s 3D environments. 


The graphics are extremely impressive, and are so well-done that the game will feel more like it’s for Xbox than for your phone. It’s Temple Run with characters that range anywhere from animal to human. Instead of the tedium of running with bare feet, you get to bike through nature and various man-made obstacles. You can unlock new abilities and characters to match your skill as you bash through the tangled-wood of forests and other beautiful landscapes. 



One point I’d have to say is that the paths look a little straight to me. There should be variation rather than a beeline to the finish line. It's fun, but with more curves and dips and mountaintops, it could be more exciting to play. To the game’s credit, I haven’t seen what the higher levels entail. It seems a little on the less-challenging side. The choice in background music can also be kicked up a notch: it sounds like someone looped a sequence of Guitar Hero. But, you be the judge. 

You can find Xcite Mountain Bike in the iOS App Store and Google Play. Be sure to watch the “Xciting" demo video, here


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