Save The Seedlings in Manaball

January 26th, 2015  |  By Marilyn Shi

 The world is in need of more adorable games  with edge-of-your-seat gameplay, and  Manaball definitely fits the bill. Manaball is an  addictive, arcade-style game featuring  lovable Seedlings and the evil Seedeaters.  The Seedlings are round, fruity creatures that  shoot at herbivorous animals to protect their  species from destruction. The Japanese  origins of this new iPhone app are evident in  both the names of the Seedlings and the design of the game, which is bright, enthusiastic, and based on nature’s design with fun forest backgrounds. 




This kind of shooting game has been done before, but not like this. Each character has unique characteristics, and they can level up for higher skills and and ranks. The more you play, the more Seedlings you can buy from Mugiwarabo’s Flower Shop. The music of the game is a short piano ditty that will be sure to get stuck in your head as you help the Seedlings save their forest. 


ManaBall comes to the iOS App Store on January 30th, 2015. Get notified when it comes out, here

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