Learn English Phrases And Pronunciations Quick And Easy

April 2nd, 2015  |  By Oliver Allen

Polly Verbs is a new educational app made for those willing and wanting to learn quicker and faster. With over 125 daily high usage phrases, Polly Verbs is an exciting way to improve your English accent. Bookmark tricky phrases that you may not get now and save them for later. This educational app is perfect for people all over the world who are struggling with the ability to speak in an English accent.

Polly Verbs includes in app purchases to access certain phrases in any order of your choice. More importantly the app has a very accurate voice recognition software that picks up all you say. As the words and phrases go on, they get harder and harder so you can try and meet the challenge. A competitor-Duolingo may give Polly Verbs a run for its money but considering the voice recognition software and visual design- I doubt that Polly Verbs will be challenged. This app is perfect for those who also need to build confidence when speaking especially in front of others.



The app also has a level of statistics and leaderboards so you can challenge friends and family. This way learning is fun, while you can laugh with friends over accents and challenges. Practice and perfect your English accent easily using Polly Verbs.

Polly Verbs is now available in the iOS App Store for free. Click here to download or for more information visit Polly Verbs on Facebook.

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  • Anonymous on Apr. 05, 2015

    Pretty funny video about Polly Verbs usage here if you want to see how it works first. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hqT_9EB8H3o

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