Is Comet Clash The New Angry Birds Or Asteroids?

April 2nd, 2015  |  By Oliver Allen


Comet Crash is a free new and exciting game that resembles both Angry Birds and Asteroids together. This unique game has great graphics and easy to use gameplay. Users get to be the space station commander orbiting Earth protecting it from comets. Your mission is to destroy all the comets approaching Earth before it gets hit. Comet Crash has a variety of difficulties, which makes decision-making key.


In Comet Crash, users must decide when and how to use the missiles they have and when to shoot them. Timing is everything as if you want to save Earth and the entire world’s population. As users may have to sacrifice a few lives to save the many. Comet Crash is exciting and fun but may have some difficulties beating out the competition like Siege Hero and Orbital. Comet Clash’s graphics make it stick out from the rest as it has beautiful interface and gameplay design, making it very aesthetically pleasing to the gamer’s eye.



One of the more exciting feature is the app allows for sharing with friends and family too as you can compare stats, scores and resources. Save Earth before all hope is lost as the fate of our lives depend on yours.


Comet Crash is now in the iOS App Store for free!

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