Avoid Enemies And Earn Coins By Jumping With Ozy

March 17th, 2015  |  By Oliver Allen



Jump Ozy is a new addictive racing game that is good for all ages. The new app has great graphics and beautiful color schemes that make it more interesting to play. Hit power ups to help protect Ozy for 5 seconds and fly faster to get more points. Compete with friends to see who can get a higher score and share via social media.


This new game app has awesome features, which include the challenging achievements and the leaderboards. Gain achievements and share with friends to gain bragging rights. To avoid enemies all you have to do is tap the screen to move and run faster. Although their are many games out there like this, Jump Ozy will not have much trouble marketing itself. 


Another awesome feature is the great music tracks that come with the game. Jump Ozy is loads of fun and can be an interesting game for the young and old. Share your results with a simple click of a button on both Facebook and Twitter.




To download Jump Ozy go on the iOS App Store here. Have fun, dodge enemies and challenge friends easily. 

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