Track And Save Your Routes On Speed PRO+

March 5th, 2015  |  By Oliver Allen

Mother Tucker LLC brings you Speed Pro+ a new exciting way to track and save routes that users have taken. Speed Pro features a unique tracking system using GPS location to follow where users are or go. This then can be saved to a local device or even the iCloud. This inventive app can save videos and photos to a user’s camera roll so they can share the multimedia files with friends and family. A strong part of Speed Pro's design is that it is aesthetically pleasing, with vibrant colors and easy to use-interface.


The multi-feature app includes the ability to trim tracking and editing. The design of the new app makes it simple and powerful in the sense that it has so many interesting utilities. In full screen display users can see their own top speed, average speed, distance, route time and altitude. In the case a user is in another country, the app has multiple units for measuring speed.




Speed Pro allows users to share on Facebook, Twitter, Drop box and so much more. Start and stop recording easily with just a double tap of the home screen. As Speed Pro+ distinguishes itself from the rest of mobile apps, as it is one of the first to break into a GPS tracking app world.


Speed Pro+ is currently available for download in the iOS App store here

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