Watermark Your Favorite Images And Post Them To Instagram

March 3rd, 2015  |  By Oliver Allen

Want to share photos but do not want people to steal them without permission? Download pictures to Instagram using Picstagrab, this app allows users to watermark pictures by adding logos and captions to a photo. Most importantly, all images can be downloaded into the Photo Library on a user’s phone. This app is a quick way to protect pictures from being stolen or used without permission.

Using Picstagrab’s search engine users can also find if a photo has been “stolen” or not. This app has special features like its library of special captions for photos and uploading a user’s own photos to add to the original photo. Just take the second image and make it transparent to see the original photo. The new photo-video app also gives users the ability to change and adjust the size or occupancy of the watermark.


This photo watermark app is just one of a very few out there so it won’t have trouble breaking the app barrier in the iOS app store. Competition may come from apps like Marksta and iWatermark.

Picstagrab is now in the iOS App Store come check it out here.

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