Share Voice Recorded Video Messages With Family and Friends

February 27th, 2015  |  By Oliver Allen

Pingz is a unique app that allows users to share video messages and images as if that user was standing next to the other person. This new iPhone app is easy: Take a photo; add text and share with people all over the world. Pingz has special qualities like its ability to autocorrect, no limitations to text and unbelievable image quality.


Pingz gives users the ability of Photoshop but in the user’s hand. The crystal clear video footage allows for a beautiful touch when sending to family members. Users can personalize messages with a few simple taps on the screen. This creative app includes a voice feature too, so that users can record their own voices over images. Zoom into the image and speak, Pingz will do the rest. Although there are some strong apps out there that are similar to Pingz like SpeakingPhoto, the aesthetically pleasing design and functionality help this app stick out from the rest.




Get Pingz in the iOS app store today, just by clicking here

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