Fizzy Bubbles Await in Soda Pop Paradise

January 22nd, 2015  |  By Oliver Allen

 Visit a delicious world with ice cream swirls and strawberry  rivers in Soda Pop Paradise, a new iPhone app that puts a  fizzy spin on the classic match-3 game. Aim and shoot fruity  bubbles from your pop machine to match 3 of the same flavor. Clear the boards and make your way through the levels, which takes you through soda waterfalls, ice cream islands, and lemon forests all the way to the Soda Shop.



Soda Pop Paradise is a name that fits the app like a glove. Reminiscent of the bubbly, pink, retro-feel of children’s games, the game misleadingly offers a challenge that only a few would be able to pass. Though the sounds of bubbles popping are adorable, the time-trials of each level can be intimidating. Aiming lines can be used for hard-to-reach bubbles. The gameplay itself is extremely bright, invigorating, and addictive, if not overwhelming with how colorful it can be. 




For more information, visit the Soda Pop Paradise website or download the app in the App Store on January 23rd, 2015. 

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