Earn Rewards for Discovering New Apps!

October 16th, 2013  |  By Elizabeth O'Dowd



Earn Rewards for Discovering New Apps!

Want earn great prizes just for discovering apps? Look no further than PreApps! This week PreApps has launched a gamification component to our website. All you have to do is vote, comment, share or opt in to Beta Test amazing new apps and earn points that can be redeemed for great prizes from gift cards to your favorite app store or, if you’re really diligent, an new iPhone 5s or Galaxy S4. And yes, it’s totally free to participate.

Gamification is our way of helping you to help us. You can earn all of these amazing prizes, but what you give to us and the app developers is much more valuable. The app dev industry is a dog eat dog world and the more feedback and buzz an app gets before it’s released, the more successful it will be upon launch. Our goal is to make these apps successful and the more users participate the closer we come to our goal.

What are you waiting for? Create a PreApps account today and start participating in the development of your new favorite apps. Before you know it, you could have a brand new device to Beta test the latest apps on! Check out the PreApps Prize Store and find out exactly what you could win.

Check out the PreApps blog for updates on all the latest tech buzz and new exclusive apps coming soon!

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