Customize Your iPhone 5c Case with CaseCollage

October 11th, 2013  |  By Elizabeth O'Dowd

Customize Your iPhone 5c Case with CaseCollage







Bought the iPhone 5c, along with it's case that can be politely described as “interesting?” With all the buzz going around about the iPhone 5c, good and bad, there is one thing that critics seem to agree on; The case on the 5c leaves something to be desired. With the colorful plastic backing that was meant to be interesting, Apple offers a case that is just as colorful, but it’s so obnoxiously obvious, that it cancels out the point of the colored backs.

If you were one of the many who bought the case because you needed it to protect your phone, but aren’t particularly thrilled with it, there’s a solution to make it, at least a little more bearable.

The new app, CaseCollage, allows you to customize your 5c case to make it look, at least, a little cooler. The app lets you access your photos, from your gallery, or photos you’ve uploaded to various social media sites, to fill in the holes.

This could easily go wrong, if you don’t have an eye for aesthetics, but it can also make the incomplete looking holed case look more personalized and and complete. There are preset colors and text as well, so you can spell out fun words and make designs. Once you’re done designing, print out your pictures, lay it under your case and voila! You’re looking better already!

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