Earn Money from your Smartphone Photos with Fotolia

October 7th, 2013  |  By Elizabeth O'Dowd





Earn Money from your Smartphone Photos with Fotolia


Ever taken a picture with your smartphone that you thought was so amazing that it could be used in an ad? Well, your chance is here! Fotolia is the new app that will take your instagram-ing to the next level. Like Instagram, Fotolia will allow you to take pictures through the app and add filters, but in addition to that, you can manually control aperture and exposure.

After you take your photo and add the appropriate tags, it will be submitted to the gallery if the quality is on par with stock photo quality. This is so undesirable photos will be weeded out so only the best make the cut. From here people and companies can browse and search for photos of real people doing real things to use in their ads.

Worried about getting permission of the people in the photos? Fotolia has a feature where your friends can sign to authorize the image right on the phone screen. The photos are sold for 3 credits.

The goal of Fotolia is to join professional and amature photographers on the same platform. It also allows photographers to establish a portfolio on another public forum with easier mobil distribution.

You can download this app now for iPhone and it will be available for Android next month.

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