QR Codes Make a Comback

September 23rd, 2013  |  By Elizabeth O'Dowd


QR codes; what are they? They’re those ugly barcode-esque squares that we see on ads and products. We rarely use them because they came around before most of us had smartphones, and quite frankly, they’re not all that appealing to the eye. The idea never really took off.

Visualead, a startup based in Tel Aviv are going to bring back QR codes by inserting them into images, and making them more appealing to the eye. They won’t be totally concealed, but incorporated into the design of the ad. This could be appealing for clothing brands with coupons that are redeemable digitally.

QR codes are a great concept that was passed by for being just a little too early for people to catch on. They offer great bonus information about products and offer exclusive content. If companies seamlessly incorporate QR codes into their ad designs, there could be a whole other dimension for content about their company, and more opportunities for consumers to get exclusive deals on products and learn more about the company.

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