Juengo rewards loyalty, So do we!

September 12th, 2013  |  By Elizabeth O'Dowd

Greek start-up company Juengo is offering redeemable points for using their service, not for buying things: that’s right, actual free stuff. The online gaming site offers hundreds of free games and awards participants with points for playing different and new games and when they get enough, they can exchange them for giftcards.

Something like this seems almost too good to be true, but similar opportunities are closer than you think. Our very own PreApps.com is doing something similar. When you join PreApps.com you can leave comments to help developers with things you think could be improved before released, or just tell them how wonderful you think they are. You can also beta test apps if you sign up. This can all be done free of charge, but you will also be eligible to earn free prizes for you contribution. The prizes include Amazon Gifecards and iPadsl.

Our service hasn’t been launched yet, but if you like free stuff, and who doesn’t. Stay tuned at PreApps.com!

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