Apple Takes a Backseat to Samsung

September 9th, 2013  |  By Elizabeth O'Dowd

Finally Apple has fallen as King of the Smartphones. Global numbers are in, and they show that overall, Apple is not the leading smartphone, although they are still number one in some areas.

Could this be because of how expensive the iPhone is? While Apple is making a less expensive iPhone 5C, Samsung has always had a more affordable model of smartphone available. For example Samsung has offered the Galaxy Acclaim as a more affordable counterpart to the Galaxy S2 and S3. It runs the same specs as the first Galaxy, only it’s smaller and less complex than the S-series.

According to the data above, Samsung is beating Apple by almost 3%. Although the iPhone is clearly the most popular smartphone in the United States, Samsung has had much more success overseas.

In the coming months, with the pending release of the iPhone 5C, we’ll see if Samsung can hold on to the lead.  

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