Pinterest vs Path: Battle for the Letter P

September 6th, 2013  |  By Elizabeth O'Dowd

In a world where a thumbnail is one of the utmost forms of expression, the battle over one letter could mean life or death. Two top apps, Pinterest and Path are about to duke it out over the letter P. Not only do they share the letter as the main part of their respective logos, they also share the colors red and white, which is a little too close for comfort for Path.


Path, the mobile messaging service, is looking to block Pinterest from attaining a trademark on the letter P. Pinterest currently has the rights to the letter P, but Path is making an attempt to challenge that so they will be able keep their logo.


It’s hard for companies to come up with unique logos, especially in the app world where developers need to represent themselves with a single thumbnail. In this case however, the logos are so similar that it’s inevitable that one of them will have to change.   

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