Mozilla's "Phones for Apps" is a Win-Win

September 4th, 2013  |  By Elizabeth O'Dowd

Mozilla is making efforts to launch themselves on the smartphone train by putting one of their app-friendly devices in the hands of every app developer in their second phase for their Phones for app programs.

In an attempt to break the iPhone/Android monopoly, Mozilla is offering to give app developers a free device in exchange for commitment. In order to apply, the developer needs to have already released a decently successful app and give Mozilla the specs for an app that will be developed and released within the next 2 months.

Mozilla will help app developers have a guaranteed device that they can work and create on. For developers, this is a win-win; you get a handy new device to play around with, a great app idea, and if the device doesn’t sell well, you still get to keep it and develop the same app for a more successful platform.   

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