A Practical Place for Memories

September 4th, 2013  |  By Elizabeth O'Dowd


There’s only so much macaroni art one fridge can handle and after years of art projects and dioramas, the pile of cherished memories begins to take up more space than desired. Luckily, the upcoming app, Keepy is here to save us from thoughtlessly throwing out our children’s masterpieces.

Offir Gutelzon, the creator of Getty Images, has announced his new app, Keepy, which will be released for iOS in the upcoming months. Keepy allows people to snap pictures of their children’s artwork and projects, so they can live forever without taking up much needed space in your home.

Not only does Keepy allow you to store these memories in a safe place, but it also allows you to share the pictures with friends and family and make videos with voice overs just in case a picture doesn’t give enough expression. There is also a comments section where friends and family can leave notes and messages.

What makes Keepy different from other image hosting sites is the privacy. Keepy aims to be a private, safe forum for parents to post things for their children, without strangers being able to see or search for your content. When you download Keepy, you also get lifetime storage on Keepy’s cloud so even if you lose your account, the memories will be there forever.  

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