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December 10th, 2013  |  By Elizabeth O'Dowd

Looking to make the most of your new app, but aren’t sure where to start? Well PreApps has the answer with an all new e-book written by our CEO, Sean Casto, "App Success Stories: 8Success Stories From Developers Who Beat The Odds." How they did it and so can you!  The e-book is now available in all major online bookstores. AmazoniTunes, SonyKobo Books, and Barns and Nobel


Whether you're a designer, a developer or an entrepreneur "App Success Stories" shares the secrets of success from coming up with the great idea to executing it.


"App Success Stories" takes you through the broad and diverse range of success stories from indie developers to small and midsize app development firms in iOS, Android and Windows.


This nontechnical, easy-to-follow guide walks you through 8 real world examples to inspire those looking to hit it big. The e-book provide insight on improving your chances to release a best selling app.

"App Success Stories" is an easy to read guide on app promotion and success that every developer should read to make the most of your app.

Some Reviews of "App Success Stories":

With app development like with any business there are two ways of figuring out things - doing your own mistakes or learn on the ones others did. Sean's book helps you to follow the latter way. For many developers app marketing mistakes can be fatal, the excellent 8 case studies in the book are great to be more prepared for many challenges down the road of the app development business. -Artyom Diogtev, Head of Social Media at ComboApp

"The very first things an appreneur should do before launching their first app is to find a highly successful developer to not only study, model and leverage their successes but to also learn how to avoid common and critical pitfalls. That's why Sean Casto's new book 'App Success Stories' should be a mandatory reading for ANY appreneur, new or seasoned, as it examines not just one successful app case study, but eight! If you care about the success of your app business, I cannot encourage you enough to read this book. Do yourself the favor and read it, so you can take your app business to the next level."  - Matthew Lütz, Co-Founder & COO of AppClover & Appzine Machine

So what are you waiting for? Download "App Success Stories" by Sean Casto today from these major retailers.  Amazon, iTunes, Sony, Kobo Books, and Barns and Nobel

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