New App For Running By Grammy Winner Imogen Heap

December 2nd, 2013  |  By Elizabeth O'Dowd

Ever get sick of listening to the same songs over and over while running? Nothing breaks up a good stride more than clicking through shuffle, trying to find a song that’s the appropriate tempo for your pace or that you haven’t heard so many times that you’re ready to give up listening to music during your workout altogether.


Imogen Heap has that problem too, and wants to do something about it. The Grammy winner enjoys running through the English countryside, but is hard pressed to find something that she can consistently run to. She said that her pace isn’t always the same, but if there was a way to be able to have the music change with movement and environment, there would be no need to continuously hit the next button.   

Luckily for Imogen, and for us, she was able to team with Intel and start bringing this app to life. Although it won’t be released until Imogen’s new album “Sparks” comes out, there are demo videos that show this innovative app in motion and it looks great.

Run-Time will use an algorithm that will calculate a generative song that will keep changing as you run. The app will do this by being strapped to your arm so it can tell how fast you’re going and how your body’s moving. It will also calculate based on where you are; if you’re in the countryside, it will be softer, if you’re in the city, it will be louder. The sounds will be created and recorded by Heap herself, and if her past music is any testament, it will be sure to not disappoint.

When this app is released early next year, it will be sure to cause a stir and inspire more happy runners to run further to see how their song will progress.

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