Find and Share Your Favorite Gifs Easily With Blippy

November 15th, 2013  |  By Elizabeth O'Dowd


Find and Share Your Favorite Gifs Easily With Blippy

Gifs have become an integral part of life for anyone who spends time on the internet. Nothing adds more to a comment or story than a hilarious short animation or clip to emphasize your point, or to show someone that you’re just being sarcastic. In addition to just being funny, Gifs add another dimension to internet communication. Instead of just writing to someone and hoping they take your comment in the way you meant it, which we all know can be tricky, adding a Gif gives the recipient an expression and a context in which to read your message.  





With Blippy, now you can seamlessly integrate Gifs into your phone or social media messages to share with your friends. The best part about Blippy though, is its search feature. Have you ever remembered a Gif that you’d seen before, but had no idea how to even begin to search for it? Blippy makes it easy to find whatever Gif you’re looking for by searching keywords like, sports, fail, or movies.

The amount of fun that can be had with this simple, but innovative app is limitless. Blippy is available now for iPhone, iPad and iPod.

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