Make Money Off Your iPhone Photos With Clashot

November 8th, 2013  |  By Elizabeth O'Dowd




Make Money Off Your iPhone Photos With Clashot

With all the photography apps out there, it’s hard to trust in just one to be the perfect new app. The up and coming app, Clashot from Depositphotos, is the newest photo app to break onto the scene. What Clashot has that most other photo apps don’t is the ability to sell your photos to anyone who wishes to buy them, whether it’s media or someone who thinks a certain picture you took was particularly great.


Clashot is better for users than Instagram, because you need to give permission and receive payment before anyone can use your photo. These settings offer the user more privacy and security with photos.

Let’s see how this app measures up:

The initial interface isn’t a far cry from most other social networking apps. You make username and you’re set with your basic “following/ followers” setup. There aren’t too many features for the account homescreen, which keeps the screen from becoming too cluttered. It's also easy for you to link your Clashot account to other social networking sites which will make it easier to invite friends. 


There is also a statistics page that allows you to easily keep track of your transactions and sales.

The user base for Clashot is global and diverse. From stock photo companies using the app as an additional platform, or people all around the world sharing their everyday lives.



Unlike Instagram, the photos you take are uploaded sorted into albums or “Reports” based on whichever categories you want to put them in and is much better for organization. But, unlike Instagram, Clashot does not have filters or other editing features. This may be a turn off for some, but keep in mind, when media are searching for photos, they typically won’t want one with an obvious filter on it and if they do want to edit the photo, they can do it themselves once they purchase the photo.

My favorite feature of Clashot is the trends feature. It's a great way to find people to follow and it lets you see amazing photos from people all over the world. You can like, comment and even purchase these amazing undoctured photos. 



Clashot is a great way to organize and potentially earn money for your photos, but if you're into editing your photos, then it may not be for you. But if you love taking photos with your phone and want a new place to display them, whether you're interested in selling or not, give Clashot a try. 

Get Clashot now from iTunes!


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