Get The Most Out Of Your Smartphone’s Battery

November 6th, 2013  |  By Elizabeth O'Dowd





Get The Most Out Of Your Smartphone’s Battery


With all of the things we do on our smartphones, it’s still a wonder why the technology for longer lasting batteries hasn’t been released yet. While we’re waiting for the next technological breakthrough on battery life, here are a few tricks to help keep your phone from dying when you need it most.

  • Don’t Put Your Phone on Vibrate- Surprisingly, most people keep their phone on vibrate more than they let their ringtone play. Vibrate is convenient but if you’re looking to save your battery life either leave the ringer on, or put your phone on silent because vibrate is a battery suck.

  • Remember to Kill your Apps- Just because you hit the home button doesn’t mean that the app you were using has stopped running in the background. After browsing through your apps, make sure you kill them so they won’t suck your battery life while you’re not using them. You can even download an app that will do this for you if you think you’ll forget.

  • Turn Off WiFi When You’re Not Using It- If you’re not actively browsing the web switch off WiFi. When your phone’s signal is reaching out for WiFi all the time, it’s draining the life out of your battery. Switching WiFi off even while you’re sleeping will make your battery last longer during the day.

  • Put Your Phone on Airplane Mode Whenever Possible- Instead of just putting your phone on silent during a meeting or a movie, airplane mode will save your battery by not sending out signals for notifications when you don’t want them. For iOS users, putting your phone in airplane mode will still let you use WiFi, so you can browse the web while having 5 times more battery life

  • Get a Battery Extender Case-  Yes these exist! Look online or in your local electronics store for a battery extender case. These cases have an extra battery pack stored in them so when your phone starts to die, it will start taking energy from the battery pack, giving you more life!

  • Keep Your Phone Out Of The Sun And Other Hot Places- That includes sleeping with your phone wrapped in the covers with you or under the pillow at night, like lots of us are prone to do, especially if you keep it plugged in all night. The extra heat this generates can really damage your battery.

  • Turn Off Automatic Updates- Go into your settings and turn off automatic updates. When you have the battery life, or your phone is plugged in, manually go into settings and update all of your features.

  • Turn Off Bluetooth When It’s Not In Use- Remember to turn off your Bluetooth when you’re not using a Bluetooth device the same energy needed to power Bluetooth is still being generated, thus needlessly draining the life out of your battery.

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  • Anonymous on Dec. 17, 2013

  • Anonymous on Dec. 17, 2013

    Useful tips for saving battery, thanks. I follow these tips to conserve battery,and it performs good. Now my iPhone 5 is easy to be low power after using 1 year, it's not convenient because of its irremovable battery. I recently bought one of these from Kinkoo: I have found it to be great. With real 8,000mAh can charge iPhone 5 for 4 times, with juice still to spare. It’s very light to carry every day(only 5.7 oz). Hi

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