Customize Your Android Lock Screen With Cover, Available Soon

October 25th, 2013  |  By Elizabeth O'Dowd



Customize Your Android Lock Screen With Cover, Available Soon

Want more functionality out of your Android lock screen? Cover an Android app currently in Beta is about to offer Android users an easy to use lock screen that puts your favorite and most used apps right under your thumb. Without unlocking your screen, your favorite apps are right there and can be accessed quickly without scrolling through all of your icons and widgets.

Not only is the functionality of this app great, but it also gives you the option of different settings. Have favorite apps for home that are different from the ones used at home or in the car? There are options to set different lock screens that are easy to switch out to cater to each part of your day. Never unlock your screen and flip through your apps again.

This is the first app of its kind to be developed and receive this much buzzed based on functionality. Not only is this app great for users, it’s also great for Android because it exposes one of Apple’s key weaknesses; the inability to customize.

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