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October 18th, 2013  |  By Emily Goldspink

iPhone is introducing their first ever trading arcade game, Rouge Trader. This new iPhone app is free and simple. Your only goal is to collect your cash and climb that ladder to the Wall Street crowd of millionaires.


Rouge Trader is all about the money, but does not require a background in finance to play. The money you acquire is based on the decisions you make. Buy the stock if you think it will go up, or sell if you think it will go down.



Feel the adrenaline racing through you as you move up further and further to the top of Wall Street. The higher you get, the more unpredictable your stocks become, which will make your decisions very risky. Your decisions will guarantee a big win, or a major loss!


Like the idea of becoming rich and successful on Rouge Trader? Get It Now! Challenge yourself with this new app, and your reward? Immense amounts of money and a huge ego to go with it!

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