How the Lean Startup Movement is Benefiting You

October 16th, 2013  |  By Emily Goldspink


Recently, app developers have been participating in the Lean Startup movement, a methodology for entrepreneurs that prefers experimentation with new ideas rather than the provision of an elaborate plan. Plans and ideas may expand from experimentation, and ensures fewer set-backs and risks for entrepreneurs as problems are found more quickly. This provides better service for app developers who can add high quality details to their apps before they’re released, which in turn gives consumers an advantage by ensuring that their downloads from app stores will consist of high quality apps. Lean Startup, which values the participation from beta testers and critical feedback from consumers in the developmental phase of a mobile application or startup company. This drastic change has motivated companies such as Apple, Microsoft, and Google to improve their new iPhone appsnew Windows appsnew Android Apps and other new Game apps.


Apple, Microsoft, and Google are all striving to excel in releasing high quality apps to their consumers. The release of high quality apps has become a major competition for mobile app marketers, all of which require beta testing for their products prior to commercial release. Beta testing is the last, and ultimately most important stage in the process of releasing an app because it offers resources to app developers to make their apps as efficient and enjoyable as possible. The beta test results allows the app development to proceed by preparing the components of their app that are as beneficial to users as possible, while discarding the components that don’t work.


Beta testing benefits Apple, Microsoft, and Google by ensuring that the Apple App Store, for example, is providing you with strong and efficient apps that won’t disrupt your gaming experience with an unusual error. Therefore, beta testing generally benefits all stakeholders involved in the release of all apps. You can contribute more to your part of beta testing by providing feedback to your favorite app developers. For example, PreApps provides an unbiased feedback loop for all apps – those released and unreleased. For the unreleased apps, found under New Apps on PreApps, app developers can learn from diverse feedback about what you’re looking for in this upcoming app, what you expect to get and what you hope does not occur. Get yourself involved in beta testing and provide useful feedback to ensure that your favorite tech companies will gain credibility by releasing high quality apps for YOU to use!

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