Beats Electronics and the New Frontier for Music

October 7th, 2013  |  By Emily Goldspink

If you’ve experienced the exclusive, state of the art listening sound from Beats Electronics headphones and earbuds, then you’re probably first runner up to get a hold of Beats Music streaming service on the web. The company is also taking place in app development by releasing the Beats Music streaming service on your Android and iOS smartphones as well. Good news! It is rumored that Beats Electronics are releasing their products in the United States at an earlier expectancy; we Americans only have a few more months to wait!

Playlists will be the primary focus of the Beats Music streaming service because Beats Electronics understands that their company, along with most listeners, consume their music through playlists. Just look at Pandora, Spotify, Rdio, Google Play Music and the latest -- iTunes radio. Beats Electronics is putting themselves on the market as a competitor to these companies. It is rumored that Beats Music streaming service will also offer special, curated playlists for listeners.

Beats Electronics’ goal is for us to learn about ourselves through music. To answer the “Who am I? What do I like?” questions. Beats Music streaming service is going to be all about personalization and discovering music that best fits your taste. Stay tuned for the release of this amazing, new product. Until then, you can check out other musical apps for Android and iOS phones, as well as new Android apps at PreApps.      

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