Make Your iPhone Come to Life with iOS 7

September 13th, 2013  |  By Emily Goldspink

Apple recently released the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5c with their generic built in apps, but with new icons and graphics. Now on September 18, the iOS 7 will be released as a completely redefined and restructured device. Some of the App Store’s most popular apps such as Facebook, Twitter, Path, PayPal, NBC and more will be completely redesigned along with the iPhone’s built in apps like Weather, Camera, iTunes, Safari, Notification Center, etc. Other fantastic and new features for the iOS 7 include: Control Center, AirDrop for iOS 7, and clever and easy multitasking functions for better efficiency.    


The camera now comes with new pallet filters and versatile options for photo capturing. Safari enables full screen browsing and comes with a new and easier way to view your bookmarks. The Notification Center is now available in the lock screen, along with the weather, and gives you a glance at you schedule for the day without having to unlock your phone. Control Center holds all of the controls you want to access quickly in one convenient place that you can retrieve with just one swipe from anywhere on your iPhone. AirDrop allows you to share your content with nearby contacts, while the Multitasking function allows you to transition from app to app with simple swipe movements. It also keeps your content up-to-date and stays aware of your favorite and most used apps. 


The iOS 7 has been created by Apple developers to make your iPhone experience more simple, more useful, more enjoyable and overall better. The system and all of its apps have been completely restructured and enhanced, but with enough familiarities so you don’t feel like you’re adjusting to completely brand new functions. iOS 7 will make your iPhone come to life!

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