Microsoft's Smartglass: a Fun, New Way to Use Xbox One

September 6th, 2013  |  By Emily Goldspink

On November 22, Microsoft will launch SmartGlass, which allows you to connect your console to your smartphone or tablet. It provides a much faster and successful gaming experience, although you will still need the regular controller to play. Next-generation SmartGlass provides updates and new features – some that you have never experienced before! Now that you know you have the option to connect your console to your smartphone or tablet, let me tell you about all the new and exciting features you can use:


SmartGlass allows you to communicate your Xbox One directly through your Wi-Fi network, whereas before it could only be connected through the cloud. The initial connection is rumored to only take merely four seconds and the following connections will only become more rapid. The new system also allows your Xbox one to interact with sixteen different SmartGlass devices simultaneously, while the Xbox 360 only allows you to interact with four. In addition, new features that SmartGlass provides include multiplayer matchmaking, which is rumored to help eliminate interruptions during your game. SmartGlass is also programmed to know what level you’re on in your game and where you’re struggling the most, in order to provide you with the tips you need if you’re having trouble. With SmartGlass, you can easily access your Xbox Live achievements, friends list, messages, view saved clips from Xbox One’s Game DVR. Xbox One’s OneGuide, launched earlier this year, can also be used from SmartGlass. Stay tuned for SmartGlass’s launch and don’t miss the game experience of a lifetime!

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