The QX100 and QX10 Wireless Sony Lens

September 4th, 2013  |  By Emily Goldspink



Get ready! Later this month, Sony is launching two products that have never been on the market before: wireless camera lenses that will clip right onto your smartphone! They’re called the QX100 Smart Lens and the QX10 Smart Lens. Both provide the same purpose – to take high quality pictures and share them in a timely matter on your smartphone with no hassle. Sony built these smartphone accessories to be device-agnostic in order to extend shelf life and attraction. Both products consist of the same hardware that would be found in a Sony point-and-shoot camera, without the extra baggage, and are meticulously and durably built, even with their plastic setting. Although the QX100 and QX10 share the same purpose, they also share many differences in terms of price and function.


The QX100 will be sold at a rate of $499. It contains:

  • 3.6 optical zoom lens
  • 1 inch Exmor R image sensor and processing chips
  • An independent, rechargeable battery
  • Stereo microphones
  • microSD and memory card slots
  • 20.2 megapixels
  • f/1.8-4.9 Carl Zeiss optics
  • BIONIC image processing
  • ISO 6400 light sensitivity


The QX10 will be sold at a rate of $250. It contains:

  • 3.6-10 optical zoom lens, an advantage that it holds over the QX100
  • Substandard image quality as compared to the QX100
  • 1/2.3 inch sensor
  • An independent, rechargeable battery
  • microSD and memory card slots
  • Minor Sony G Lens
  • ISO 3200 light sensitivity


The QX100 and QX10 communicate wirelessly, connect to your smartphone via NCF for Android phones, or via Wi-Fi for iOS phones and transfers your photos to Sony’s PlayMemories app. Each device comes with a clip to attach onto the back of your smartphone. They also come with tripod mounts to use as another picture taking option. Both products include shutter triggers and zoom controls to use if you choose to detach it from your smartphone. The QX100 and QX10 take high quality photos, while your smartphone acts as a viewfinder. This is the perfect accessory for any photography fanatic!

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  • Ignite Images on Sep. 06, 2013

    This is a truly innovative product. I’m thinking of buying the cheaper one (about £179 in the UK). It’ll be interesting to see some in detail reviews. Phil @

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