Instagram for the Windows Phone

November 20th, 2013  |  By Emily Goldspink

Over the years, Instagram has become wildly popular on almost every smartphone known to man. The only company seemed to have been left out was Microsoft. However, that changed today as Instagram has created a photo-sharing service to develop a new Windows app for the Microsoft’s mobile OS phone. Now, Window phone users may download Instagram from the Windows Phone Store.


All of the usual Instagram features on the iPhone and Android are constant, except for video uploading, tagging, viewing maps for geotagged photos, or in-app photo capturing. However, if a Windows Phone user is tagged in a photo, he or she will still have the ability to untag, and view tags from other followers. In addition, the camera button on the app opens the camera UI, where you can take a picture and add a filter before sharing, thus applying the same results that other smartphones receive.



The Instagram team claims that the final touches to the Windows Phone’s Instagram app are not yet completed. Updates are still in progress and additional features will be available shorty. The purpose of today’s release is to beta test Instagram for the Windows Phone.


So far, Windows Phone users seemed to be pleased with their current version of Instagram. It fits well with the flat Windows body and there are quick tabs available to access Explore, News, Feeds, and Profiles. Go to to beta test other new apps and to view more photo and video apps for all devices. 

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