Xbox One: Microsoft Takes Action to Conquer the Cable TV

November 8th, 2013  |  By Emily Goldspink

For years, tech companies have been trying to make cable boxes obsolete so that television watchers can access all the entertainment they want on one device – a game console. On November 22, Microsoft will launch the Xbox One, a new console created to change the way you spend time in the living room. Control your television, play games, run apps, and more!


Xbox has traditionally been an electronic device separate from your television, aside from the TV input it has to be plugged in to. Microsoft’s plan is to essentially hijack television programs from your cable box and integrate them with the Xbox One experience. As a result, television will become a secondary status that will be perceived as an additional application option, like Netflix or Hulu. The upside? You will be able to keep the Xbox One interface with you, as it will be fully functioning at all times.  



Xbox One’s overlap to your cable device will also traffic in interesting information and new features through your TV signal such as a voice-activated channel guide, pop-up notifications from Skype and Xbox Live invites, and a new NFL app that informs you of real-time fantasy stats. Like a simple computer, you can minimize your television window when you want to play a game instead.


All the new features that the Xbox One will bring to the living room will, in fact, make your cable box obsolete, as the Xbox One will become the primary living room entertainment system. This is a major evolution in technology. Implementing all entertainment options on one device is one small step for man, one giant step for the entertainment world.   

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