The Mystery of the Gold iPad Air

October 28th, 2013  |  By Emily Goldspink

Many questions are still being asked about Apple’s event that was held on October 22, which failed to release many expected products that were mentioned in PreApps’ previous blog. It is rumored that the Touch ID did not become a reality because of supply constraints, but what happened to the rumor about the gold iPad Air? PreApps uncovered some of the answers to this mysterious question.




Much like how beta testing is done for new apps before they are released, Apple makes prototypes of their innovate products before they release them to the public. Earlier last month, Apple launched a gold option for the new iPhone 5S that seemed to work, even though it has remained in short supply. Apple thinks the gold color option was a success for the iPhone 5S because it has a smaller package, and therefore has the ability to look more like an accessory than anything else. Because of the iPad Air’s size, it cannot accomplish the same task. Apple simply thought that a gold iPad did not look good. Instead, they released the iPad Mini and iPad Air in space grey and silver.

You can read more about Apple’s even and their new products in last week’s recap blog.  

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