Apple's October 22nd Dual-Launch Party Recap

October 23rd, 2013  |  By Emily Goldspink

Apple hosted another one of their dual-launch parties yesterday, October 22, where they released the iPad 5, also known as the iPad Air, and the iPad mini 2 – both include Retina display to make their new apps come to life. Many were expecting a gold cover for the iPad 5, the brand new Touch ID feature included in the iPad mini 2, and other new products that have been recently been rumored in the market but they were absent. Apple’s launch party came with successes and failures. Unfortunately, Apple’s event was more disappointing to consumers for failing to release what was expected.


At the event, Apple was a success with their customers when they confirmed that a smart watch was in the works, but no further news about the iWatch has been provided. Apple also released moderately revised Smart Covers and Smart Cases for the new iPads. This was a disappointment compared to what was expected. Former Apple employee, Jamie Ryan claimed that Apple would launch a line of Smart Covers that would include an attached keyboard. They did not appear at the launch party.



The biggest let down had to be the absence of the Touch ID feature to the iPad mini 2, which was anticipated by many. Touch ID was released earlier last month on the new iPhone 5S. If Apple had succeeded adding the feature to the iPad mini 2, then it would have been the first Apple product in that genre to include such a feature. Some are speculating that supply constraints are the culprit for the absence of the feature. Furthermore, there have been no reports of a gold finish to the iPad Air. Disappointingly, the new product is only available in space grey and silver.


The Apple TV, iPods, and Macs added to consumers’ concern. The hardware refresh for the Apple TV (which received its last update in March 2012) was claimed to be imminent earlier this year. It is still nonexistent. In addition, the only OS X products that have not been updated this year are the Mac mini and the MacBook Pro, which is still not included with Retina display. What was found to be the most surprising is that Apple has not updated their iPod product line since 2001.


What do these disappointments mean for Apple Inc. and its products? Does Apple plan to host an additional release party before the end of the calendar year, or would that be one party too many? At least we still have the release of the iWatch to look forward to in 2014.

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