Become A Legendary Ninja With Ultimate Shinobi

May 6th, 2015  |  By Adelush Șandru

 Are you passionate about games inspired

 from the Japanese culture? Do you

 appreciate challenging games? Achieving

 higher scores and breaking your own

 records has always worked as an incentive

 for you? If the answer to at least one of

 these questions is yes, then you might be

 interested in giving a try to the new iOS  game Ultimate Shinobi!

Ultimate Shinobi has a minimalist design and very comprehensive and easy to follow rules, yet it immediately becomes addictive. You are controlling your Shinobi and directing him so that collision with the tricky obstacles is avoided. The term Shinobi is closely related with the Japanese culture and it can be used a substitution word for what is generally known and referred to as a Ninja. Shinobi is the primary focus of this game and all the actions he was designed to perform such as jumping,running and collecting essential items are only one tap away!  


The preference for minimalism, which is typical for the Japanese culture is reflected also in the fact that only two colors were used for the interface design - black and white- giving a touch of mystery to the game. The endless gameplay may appear simple to manage but it is quite a challenge. If you’ve ever played the notorious Flappy Bird, you already have a sense of how addictive and hard to beat Ultimate Shinobi is.

This new iOS game is available for beta testing here. Are you up for the challenge? Give us your thoughts on it.

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