Go Retro With Qake - The Ultimate Arcade Experience

April 2nd, 2015  |  By Adelush Șandru

 Do you remember the old games available

 on the early mobile phone models and how

 addictive they were? The ones we spent

 hours and hours playing at times when the

 bare concept of a smartphone was just a

 bold idea that very few thought was going

 to become reality? With Qake you can now

 have a retro experience on your latest

 smartphone version.

Qake is a new entertainment app that imitates the style of the pioneers in the mobile phone gaming. The interface is simple and clean. The gameplay is very straightforward, the rules are simple but beating this game is quite a challenge. You control your player with swiping left or right and you have to avoid collision with the tricky obstacles meant to slow you down, keep you from reaching the next level and eventually cause you to fail.


Qake has exciting features such as power ups that you can unlock with outstanding game performance. What is special about this app is that every game is a dynamic new experience since the level generator is randomized. 

Qake is now available on iTunes. Are you ready to challenge your friends for the highest score?

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