ShareMyToolbox - A Real Game Changer

April 2nd, 2015  |  By Adelush Șandru

 Have you ever lent or borrowed tools from a

 neighbour or one of your friends? Has it

 ever been the case that you’ve had

 difficulties with recovering the items that

 you kindly lent to them or- even worse-

 took forever before returning the ones you

 had previously borrowed? We’ve all been in

 a similar situation and Viewpoint Construction Software has come up with a solution for addressing this need.

ShareMyToolbox is a new productivity app designed to create a database of tools for you by connecting the input information from you and your friends,family or co-workers so that you can all save money and use the tools together. You can also create different tool categories and keep track of the items that you have either borrowed or lent.


The interface of this app is very well designed and is completely user friendly, you can use your social media to sign in. Once you have created your profile it will display the number of tools belonging to you, the available tools’ number and the number of items you have borrowed/lent. The app provides you with all the details regarding the tools you have used or plan on using such as ownership information, status,etc.

ShareMyToolbox is a real game changer and is now available for free on iTunes.

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