Challenge Your Puzzle Solving Skills With SAMURAI JEWELS

January 21st, 2015  |  By Adelush Șandru

 Samurai Jewels is the next generation

 Japanese themed Candy Crush. This app is a

 match 3 game built around the challenge of

 finding and recovering precious jewels that

 were stolen and smartly hidden by an evil

 Samurai. This puzzle-like game can be

 shared and played with your friends, so you

 can compete with them on puzzle solving  skills.


This new iPhone app is very user friendly, its instructions are straightforward and the rules are simple. Becoming a master at finding the missing jewels is only a few taps away, however the increasingly challenging levels you have to pass balance the simplicity of the instructions. To make your game experience more interesting, the app has boosting and cool combo features as well as customizable sound effects.  You can share your scores and challenge your friends via Facebook and Twitter.


Samurai Jewels is now available for free and you can get it here.

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