Become The Galaxy Space Battle Hero With Galaxy Feud

January 21st, 2015  |  By Adelush Șandru

 If Science Fiction has always been one of

 those genres that garner your interest and

 imagination, you should check out this game

 app.Galaxy Feud is a multiplayer SF

 themed game app that was designed for iOS

 devices. This app allows users who are

 passionate about space to experience it on a

 very challenging yet entertaining level.




Each player leads his own fleet consisting of five 3D spaceships models that have specific primary weapons. In addition to this primary weapon, each ship can get two extra skills to battle out of a total of 90 skills that include both offensive and defensive strategies. This strategy game app also includes battle plans, which could be the difference from winning the battle or losing. Based on your selected options, the battles you have with your friends can have a SF themed soundtrack, which makes the whole experience more fun. The more battles you win, the more XP and credit you get. Use the XP and credit to upgrade your fleet with the strongest weapons on your way to becoming invincible in space wars.



This new game app will be available for free in the App Store. Go ahead and opt to beta test it here today!

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