More Socializing, Less Competition With LikeBlockr

January 13th, 2015  |  By Adelush Șandru

Likeblockr is a new social networking app designed for Instagram users. Sometimes, especially if you are competitive, it is easy to get a little frustrated with the fact that your posts are not as ‘liked’ as your friends’ posts or that you don’t have as many followers as they do. This new app is meant to put to simply hide any numbers that are generally displayed on Instagram.


This doesn’t mean there will be a negative impact on your social media activity. On the contrary, very often things become more fun, more enjoyable when you don’t put numbers and labels on them. Those likes and followers are not ‘blocked’ , they are still recorded and you can always choose to make them visible again. The app hides both your numbers and others’ so the competitive element is completely eliminated. Once numbers are no longer displayed  you’ll focus more on the core concept of Instagram, which is socializing as opposed to competition.

LikeBlockr will soon be available for free in the App Store. Get full access and opt to beta test it here.

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