ROTO for iOS and Android is a New Twist on Classic Puzzles

December 11th, 2014  |  By PreApps Admin

Weraku Games recently released their latest app, ROTO, a puzzle that proves you don’t need wild graphics and explosions to keep people engaged. You play as a tiny circle navigating its way through an obstacle course where it has to use the objects in its path to cross the screen and complete the level. You can only beat the game by collecting every gold star on the screen. Many app experts agree.

This year ROTO placed as a Top three Finalist in the

Casual Connect Indie Prise Asia and received an honorable mention at the Global Game Development Competition, along with its other nominations. There’s a reason this new game app is so well decorated. ROTO has proven itself a great free game for users of all ages. Featuring a minimalistic style and appealing gameplay, the app will keep you playing for hours, all the while

thinking to yourself, “just one more try.”


Have you already tried this game? Let us know what you think in the comments.

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  • Sandy on Dec. 15, 2014

    I love puzzle games, will check this one out. I was looking for some free apps with nice reviews and saw this blogpost. Found some free puzzle games also on this site, they are simple and nice which I can also recommend.

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