For the longest time I have always navigated through all of my devices in order to locate different photos, files, videos, and music. I have been looking for a new app or platform that can automatically connect everything into one place. My wish has been answered with the creation of the new mobile app Younity by Entangled Media Corporation.

I have worked with most of Younity’s competitors’ desperately attempting to do the same thing that Younity does and none of them even come close. It’s so easy to browse through your photos, files, and videos and never get confused about where any of them are located. One of the most important things is that I not only have stellar organization but with Younity I can share all of my information with anyone else such as friends and family!

With that said, on some of the other devices that let you share your files with other people there is no way for you to send any kind of message to the individual who is receiving the file. Younity solves this problem by implementing a way for the user to send a private message to the person who is receiving the file, watch the demo video here! If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact Tara Ferguson.

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I encourage everyone to come try out this app today in the Apple App Store and send us your feedback!