Remember the Sims? Well, consider this the Sims for your Android. Veemee is a new app that comes with all the perks of a character in virtual reality, but without the clunky console or the CD-ROM. It provides you a new way to look at your home screen, as a customizable 3D avatar “lives” in your phone and interacts with your digital world.

Using the character creator, you can get your Veemee to look like anyone you want. You can purchase all the latest trends and fashions in the built-in virtual store. Veemees are not only good as living wallpaper, but they give you a new way to communicate with your friends across existing messaging apps. You can also create fun comics to send to your friends, featuring your very own Veemee.

veemeeIt’s fun to be sure. I’m not sure how likely it is that I’d want a “living” character inside my phone at all times. But, while Veemee lacks the virtual reality of the Sims, the character makes up for it by interacting with your daily routine based on real digital data. The graphics are incredible, and the avatars can be crisp and quirky as you want them to be.

Veemee will be out for Androids on April Fool’s day! Let us know how you feel about it, here.