the hardest game ever Deemed the “toughest and the most challenging game of the year” by 21Apps and “impossible to beat” by Top Mobile Apps, Let Us Prey: Surrender to Hell is definitely worth the blood, guts, and horror. In fact, it may just be the hardest game ever. Your nightmare begins when you’re trapped in a remote police station, where a mysterious stranger takes over the minds and souls of everyone inside.

This new Android app is inspired by the 2014 horror film Let Us Prey (which features Liam Cunningham of Game of Thrones). If you loved the movie, then you’ll love the 3D crime scenes that come straight from the movie. The old-school difficulties can’t help but remind the player of classic NES titles, like Super Mario bros, Mega Man, and Ghost and Goblins. Pixel art graphics are combined with a super-slick 3D world to create a modern gameplay experience that 90’s kids will love.

hardest game ever                           the hardest game ever

There are four interactive worlds to choose from, with retro graphics and 8bit tunes to spice up the doom and gore. Of the 40+ levels that grow in difficulty and have a unique combination of death traps, all of them were difficult and hard to navigate. Given the blood-spurting challenges and horrific enemies, I found the game extremely hard to play. I tried as hard as I could. The Boss battle at the end of the game tested my limits, and I still could not beat it. Argh!

Is this game really too tough? Check it out yourself. Leave us comments and concerns here, or download Let Us Prey: Surrender to Hell for free on Google Play.