PIN Genie Locker

It’s always a bit unsettling to realize that someone has tried to break into your phone. Sure, it’s annoying when your little brother is trying to snoop on your messages, but it’s a lot worse when you have absolutely no idea of who is trying to crack your password. With PIN Genie Locker, Android users can leave those worries behind and gain immediate knowledge on your hackers! This innovative lock screen app is now available for free in the Google Play Store.

PIN Genie locker is one of the top security apps for your phone. It prevents hackers and protects against stolen PINs. This revolutionary app accomplishes this by mixing up the PIN pad each time you unlock your phone. The number pad which you enter your 4 digit PIN on will never appear in the generic 1-0 order again with PIN Genie Locker! This is beneficial, as it prevents Peeping Toms from figuring out your password from the buttons you touch. All of your friends who deliberately set their passcode in a diamond shape will dislike this feature, but it’s time they get more creative and secure with their code anyway!

One of the app’s most useful features is that failed attempts are imminently emailed to the phone owner. If someone is trying to break in, you will be automatically alerted. The best part? PIN Genie locker snap pictures of hackers and includes those in the email. The proof is in pudding and no one can deny your accusations thanks to this cold, hard evidence. It’ll be a lot easier to win that argument with your significant other when you have actual photos to back up your snooping allegations (but hopefully that is not an argument that needs to be had)! You will receive pop-up alerts with these pictures upon unlocking your phone, too. PIN Genie Locker also provides users an option which locks their phone after 3 failed attempts. This renders the phone unusable, further defeating nosy intruders.

The numbers don’t lie: with a 4.9 out of 5 star review on the Google Play Store, this security app is clearly effective in thwarting snooping attempts. One feature I am a little weary of is the notification bar. PIN Genie Locker has this bar to give users quick access to texts. Upon receiving a message, it will appear on the lock screen, similar to the way an iPhone receives texts. My issue with this is that if someone was trying to break into your phone and see your private messages, your most recent ones may already be available to them without having to touch any buttons. While this notification bar was created to simplify texting, it seems rather counterintuitive to display messages this openly on a security app. Overall, this is a minor detail. This app is amping up Android security and is really in a league of its own.

Download PIN Genie Locker for free in the Google Play Store and let me know what you think!

PIN Genie

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